St. Peter’s College, Agra, founded in 1846, is an unaided Christian Minority Institution owned by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Agra education society, Wazirpura, Road, Agra, a Registered Charitable and Educational Society and is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate...
Terms & Conditions

Friends of St. Peter’s (FOSP) alumni network:

Please refer to the terms and conditions given below before registration and kindly abide by them as strict guidelines for the smooth running of the Friends of St. Peter’s (FOSP) alumni network:

  1. This registration facility is only for the former students (alumni) of St. Peter’s College (SPC), Agra, to make themselves known to their Alma Mater and other former students.
  2. There may be an upward revision of fees based on the Management’s decision
  3. The SPC & FOSP social network connectivity must only be utilized without harming or tarnishing the good-will and name of the Institution
  4. The Management of St. Peter’s College, Agra, reserves the right to deny or further cancel already registered alumni by deactivating or disabling their login ID and password in case of any misconduct on their part or any other reason.
  5. The SPC/FOSP Management reserves the right to add, update, modify or delete terms and conditions as and when it is necessary.

FOSP Authentication:

  1. Any one of following mandatory document is required to authenticate you to be an alumnus of St. Peter's College, Agra.
    i.e. only your St. Peter’s College related mark sheet or pass certificate or TC (transfer certificate) or migration certificate which proves you to be a part of the School.
  2. It will not be displayed or disclosed publicly, and required only for authenticity of a member.
  3. An alumnus can upload the document by browsing it and clicking on the "SUBMIT" button on the Registration Page
  4. In case an alumnus does not have the mandatory required document for authentication at the time of registering, he can click the "Save & Upload Later" button on the registration page
  5. The registering alumni will get an email with the Login ID (registered email ID) and Password after saving (or submitting) the details.
  6. The users who do not upload the document for authentication during the registration process, will be provided a 15-days deadline, to upload the documents.
  7. The registered alumni can login anytime within next 15 days (from the date of initial registration) to complete the authentication process along with providing various permission(s) (as per their communication preferences) in the registration / profile options for the “FOSP Alumni Connect Program”.
  8. The Login ID and Password will no longer work in absence of required authentication within the deadline.

FOSP Communication Preferences:

  1. As devised under the "FOSP Alumni Connect Program", we are planning an automated system to periodically send communication and information regarding various events and activities of the college to our FOSP registered and authenticated Alumni only
  2. Only authenticated users will get complete communication (based on their permissions) and non-authenticated users will only get general info communication.

FOSP Suggestions:

  1. We expect our enthusiastic alumni to spread the word and pass on this information to friends or relatives who were students of SPC, Agra, for registration
  2. The corpus fund will be utilized for (a) for the welfare of the College (b) to provide a global exposure to its present students, (c) to earn a universal recognition for the Institution and (d) to meet the expenditures incurred by way of concessions granted to indigent students etc.
  3. The objective of Friends of St. Peter’s (FOSP) is to keep our alumni bonded to their beloved Institution and maintain the nostalgic feelings they share for their Alma Mater
  4. Friends of St. Peter’s plan to devise a "FOSP Alumni Connect Program" that will establish constant communication with our alumni world-wide
  5. The work is in progress for developing an automated communication system which may require some time and efforts
Best Wishes
Rev. Fr. Paul Thannickal
Principal, St. Peter’s College
Wazirpura Road, Agra – 282003 (U.P.), India