St. Peter’s College, Agra, founded in 1846, is an unaided Christian Minority Institution owned by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Agra education society, Wazirpura, Road, Agra, a Registered Charitable and Educational Society and is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate...
AOSP Alumni Panel

Attention! Peterians all over the world!

This is a call to all former students (alumni) of the College to come forward and make themselves known to their Alma Mater as we, at Friends Of St. Peter’s (AOSP), have devised a "AOSP Alumni Connect Program" that will keep them bonded to their beloved Institution and narrate to them the saga and ongoing journey of their prestigious school SPC.

We also plan to establish constant communication with our alumni world-wide and keep each other appraised of their latest achievements as they are our unsung heroes who spread our love across the globe and cultivate the values their Alma Mater has imbibed in them.

(Please share with us particulars / personal data about yourselves.)

For registration, click “Register Now” at fosp.stpetersagra.org



If you are aware of any friends or relatives who were students of St. Peter’s College, Agra, please pass on this information to them for registration.


Best Wishes
Rev. Fr. Paul Thannickal

“AOSP Alumni Connect Program”

Based on your profile details in registration form, we plan to:

  1. Email/Sms you Wishes / Greetings i.e. Birthday/Anniversary.
  2. Email/Sms you New Year, Festivals and Seasons Greetings.
  3. Email/Sms you on Special Occasions.
  4. Send you SPC or AOSP events information.
  5. Send you SPC/AOSP Magazine soft-copy (or download URL on SPC website).
  6. Email you Newsletters (If any) & Updates.
  7. Email you updates on SPC / AOSP Achievements & Credits including New Development & Information.
  8. Send you updates events Livestream viewing invitations (If Possible).
  9. Appraise our Alumni of your achievements.

About Friends of St. Peter's (AOSP)

For the past 171 years, St. Peter’s has existed on the educational map of the Country, witnessing many historic events and changes that have taken place from time to time. The journey of 171 years has been a long one. Thus St. Peter’s has not only lived with history but it has made history of sorts.

The seed sown in 1846 has grown and groomed into a tree which bears fruits every year and these fruits travel across the globe as our alumni, thus spreading love and cultivating the values their Alma Mater has imbibed in them. The flavour, moral values and the nostalgia binds them to the foundations and carries with them from the roots to all the paths they travel.

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Dear alumni, if you have any old and treasured photographs of the college, please scan (as soft copy) and email them through your registered mail ID with a mention of the photograph details and Alumni Batch at any one of the below email IDs so we may publish them at the alumni photo gallery with a relevant message.

fosp@stpetersagra.org or fosp.agra@gmail.com

You may also upload them at the Alumni Section after your Registered Login.

Friends of St. Peter's

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