Attention! Peterians all over the world!

This is a call to all former students (Alumni) of the College to come forward and make themselves known to their Alma Mater as we, St. Peter’s, have devised a "Alumni Connect Program". We would like all Alumni to be part of Dodransbicentennial (175 years) this year.

We also plan to establish constant communication with our alumni world-wide and keep each other appraised of their latest achievements as they are our unsung heroes who spread our love across the globe and cultivate the values their Alma Mater has imbibed in them.

(Please share with us particulars / personal data about yourselves by registering.)


If you are aware of any friends or relatives who were students of St. Peter’s College, Agra, please pass on this information to them for registration.

Best Wishes
Fr. Andrew Correia

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